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Lake Court House History In a Nutshell
A nutshell!
  • Solon and Mariah Robinson, among first settlers in Lake County
  • Arrived in Crown Point October 1834, Solon first Secretary of Agriculture
  • 1835 population 21!
  • 1836 first Post Office named Lake Court House, Robinson post master
  • 1837 Lake County organized: build hewn log structure on southwest side of square; cost $500 donated by Robinson
  • 1838 County commissioners made log structure temporary Court House
  • 1839 Commissioners made Liverpool County Seat, citizens dissatisfied
  • Lake Court House selected by Legislature as permanent Court House
  • Judge William Clark and Solon Robinson appropriate large land parcels for city
  • 1849 new frame Court House built, cost $10,000, housed court room, sheriff’s office with lock up in basement
  • Clark, Robinson and County Agent George Earl named county seat Crown Point… incorporated in 1868
  • 1878 (dedicated in 1880) central portion (with clock tower) new Court House designed by J.C. Cochran of Romanesque and Georgian style; cost $52,000
  • Half million bricks from Henry Wise CP brickyard used
  • 1907 (dedicated in 1909) needed more space, added North and South Tower $160,000 cost
  • Pre World War I saw huge economic growth; oil industry started by J D Rockefeller and steel mills developed by Judge Elbert Gary… making Calumet/Lake County region one of the largest industrial areas in the world
  • June 19, 1909 first major auto race, “Cobe Cup”, was a grueling 25 miles; forerunner of the Indy 500
  • Louis Chevrolet first winner… Swiss born master mechanic
  • 1928 North and South additions to Court House at cost of $80,000
  • Early 1970s again saw need for more space, putting Grand Old Lady in jeopardy of wrecking ball… County provides $70,000 for demolition
  • Concerned citizens form not-for-profit foundation to preserve building
  • Legislature requires Commissioners to give demolition money to foundation
  • for restoration and building given over to Lake Court House Foundation, Inc.
  • May 17, 1973 placed on National Register of Historic Places; claimed by Dr. David R. Hermanson, Prof. of Architecture, Ball State. “The Lake County Court House is without question one of the finest architectural expressions in Indiana”. It is a major monument and the most significant building in Lake Co.
  • 2009 Estimate $4,000,000 has been spent rejuvenating, renovating and restructuring, thanks to the generosity of Lake County citizenry and hard work. Still much to be done… NOT TAX SUPPORTED
  • July 1, 2010 benevolent Crown Point family offers $2,000,000 matching grant and Board of Directors launch major fund drive to complete restoration and develop Endowment for future of “Grand Old Lady”